Broken Cistern | Prepare Thy Field (updated April)
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Prepare Thy Field (updated April)

My Dad gave me an excellent challenge over the weekend past. He said “suppose God brings you back together, is there anything else that you’re doing that really annoys your wife? Use this time to prepare. If she does come back, let her have no reason to get annoyed by small things”

Thinking about it, there’s probably about 100 things that annoy my wife. And by God’s grace I’ll be able to beat them. This is not a points system. It’s just an effort to man up, in a practical way.

Don’t put Jesus first, he’s everything. He’s not just just first in a rank, he’s everything. He must increase, and I must decrease.

Paul Washer

Personal Discipline

  • Consistently wake, sleep and work. √
  • Personal hygiene. √
  • Always wash or be clean. √
  • Don’t go a day with unbrushed teeth.
  • Shave to stubble length consistently. √
  • Don’t leave shavings all over the sink.
  • Leave work at a consistent time.
  • Get to work early, and leave late. √
  • Come home with a prayer and a clear mind. √
  • More discipline in personal finance. √
  • Get up earlier. √
  • Do some form of intensive exercise each week. √

Spiritual Discipline

  • Cultivate a habit of regular devotions & prayer.
  • No alchohol. √
  • Keep Netflix viewing clean. √
  • Tithe 10% every month via Danske bank. √
  • Arrive early for meetings. √
  • Avoid secular music, specifically rap & pop (& music videos) √
  • Don’t miss church meetings. √
  • Honour my parents & parents in law.
  • Be accountable to a brother. √
  • Keep short accounts with the Holy Spirit. √
  • Plan the day with scripture verses to meditate on.
  • Daily ask God to break any pride or self-reliance. √
  • Read up on holiness, marriage and discipline.

Household Discipline

  • Do ironing. Wear more shirts. √
  • Make at least 4 proper meals a week. √
  • Clean the house once a week √
  • Wash clothes once a week √
  • Make bed every day.
  • Pick up clothes & neatly stack and hang.
  • Do a weekly shop. √
  • Polish shoes weekly.
  • Willingly washup and wipe the kitchen down. √
  • Be kind to pets, especially Milo. √
  • Don’t leave shoes in hallway.