Broken Cistern | Stop counting days – this is a lifelong race
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Stop counting days – this is a lifelong race

Are you ready to take up your cross? Stop counting the days you’ve not sinned. It only puffs up and fills you with pride. Instead commit yourself to a lifelong service to God.

Consecration is not about perfection, but about direction. When you think about your sin, how are you treating it?

Last night I broke God’s law. After 4+ weeks of purity, I gave in to sin. I grieved the Holy Spirit. And it’s critical I don’t think only of those I have let down, but also remember the broken relationship I have with God.

God create in me a clean heart. Do not leave me. Never let me be content living in sin, and never let me get used to hurting the Spirit.

The pleasures at God’s right hand are infinitely better than a few seconds of filth. Do I love God more than sin? If so, keep killing it. Flee. Run away.

Keep lying your head on the pillow with a pure conscience before God. That’s living from day to day, and having resolve for life!