Broken Cistern | Sin that killed Jesus – why I can no longer watch dirt
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Sin that killed Jesus – why I can no longer watch dirt

After listening to Pastor John Piper:

I have had such a low standard for movies, “I can handle this” or “I’m not lusting.” And I’d always roll my eyes when my wife would get annoyed.

The more I watch, the more defiled my soul gets.

“This man is not going to be able to read his Bible as sweetly. He is not going to enjoy the fellowship of God as sweetly. He is not going to look at sunsets the same, and he is not going to look at little babies the same. His soul has always got this defilement that he is cherishing in there because he thinks this is no big deal. And that is going to push out bigger, nobler, more beautiful things.”

John Piper

Such a challenge to me previously who’d let so much sin swim over me. I’d not think twice, but even now I feel it’s affect in me. It’s like super glue that’s hardened on to me, that’s scratchy and hard to get off. It needs intensive scrubbing and strong chemicals to burn it off. Afterwards my skin is left red and raw from the friction of removing that adhesive. But sin cannot reign in my body.

Zero tolerance. If IMDb has a single sex scene or nudity, I cannot watch that movie. Such a compelling challenge from Ask Pastor John.