Broken Cistern | Sex: Sin in a broken world
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Sex: Sin in a broken world

This past two weeks week so much is pointing to the fact that I have been living as if I’m in control of my life. Paul Trip’s book on Sex, is massively helpful. My issue: I am king: replacing creation with the creator.

a pawn assuming sovereignty

Pleasure is a creation
If you get pleasure wrong, you tend to misuse sex. Pleasure isn’t the problem, you are. Pleasure was created to be enjoyed, not to be dominated, controlled or addicted to. My life has been ruined as my heart has been ruled by pleasure, and I’ve put all the wonderful things at risk by perusing this thing I’m convinced I can’t live without.

Pleasure cannot give power
Only when your heart is controlled by a higher pleasure. the pleasure of God, can you handle pleasure without being addicted to it. Adam & Eve broke this by inserting themselves at the centre of the world. If sex becomes the way by which you establish power, you will do sexual things you should not do, you will use others as the objects of your power and you will leave behind a trail of destruction while you do damage to your own heart. God didn’t give you the gift of sexual pleasure so that you could establish personal power and control. Pleasure can never satisfy your heart. This God-ignoring way of living inserts me in the centre of my world, makes my personal definition of happiness paramount, gives me the right to write my own rules and complete forgets the eternally satisfying pleasures of the love of God that only grace can deliver. A good thing becomes a bad thing when it becomes a ruling thing.

Paul David Tripp