Broken Cistern | Warrior – Your Porn Battle Plan
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Warrior – Your Porn Battle Plan

Stand against sin
When we’re disengaged from our God given calling so often we’re vulnerable to the selfish temptations of lust.

We as warriors we’re vulnerable whenever we’re overly confident. Those of you who think I don’t need this, you know, this this is silly, isn’t it? You might be the most vulnerable when you’re overly confident. Imagine King David saying, “Hey, it’s springtime, I know I should be at war, “but Joab he’s one of my best commanders. “We’ve got more troops. “They don’t need me, I’ll just stay back.” He was overly confident.

Corinthians 10, verse 12, “If you think you’re standing firm,” you don’t have a problem, you’re never gonna be vulnerable. He says, “Be careful that you don’t fall.” Don’t be overly confident.

Healing from sin
So honor God, and all that we do. Crave, crave the freedom. Aren’t you tired of covering your tracks and wondering, when are they gonna find out? How have I gone this long without anybody knowing? Aren’t you tired of the emotional distance that it creates? Aren’t you tired of the spiritual drag that you feel? You wanna represent God but you just feel completely insecure. Because there’s this weight holding you back.

You may fight this battle your whole life but with Christ, there is freedom. With Christ, there is joy. With Christ there is real sexual intimacy in a marriage that honors God. In Christ, there’s emotional intimacy, both with your spouse and with your Father in heaven. With Christ, there is healing.

For my wife:
I would love to invite you ladies into the fight to fight with us, and occasionally on our behalf, because we need your help. And here’s what’s gonna happen. Somewhere, somehow, there might be a confession. A husband to a wife, a wife to a husband, a friend to a friend. And ladies, what I know about you is if there’s an important man in your life, who says, I’ve sinned in this way. Your first reaction will be anger, disgust, fury, rage. You might feel like insecure, “Am I not enough? “How could you do that to me?” And every single one of those feelings are completely justified. No doubt about it. But I pray, you can deal with those feelings. And on the other side of those feelings you can look across at a warrior, who’s not just some kind of jerk, loser, pervert. But a warrior who’s been wounded and loves you enough to ask you for help. Because Listen, we need each other. I don’t fight for purity alone. Warriors. You’re not weak. You’re not a victim. You don’t take shortcuts. You deny yourself. You make sacrifices. You’re a warrior. You never ever surrender. Your mind will always be a battlefield. But you are its commander. You are not its slave. Who are you? Warriors, you’re an overcomer. By the blood of the Lamb, and by the words of your testimony and the power of Christ, you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

The struggle is real
You may fail, yes. You may fall, yes. You may stumble, but with Christ you rise to fight again, because you are a warrior and a warrior may not win every battle. But a warrior never stops fighting. And when you continue to fight with the people of God, you will see the victory of price because whom the Son sets free, is free indeed.

So therefore God we will honor you, searching your heart, your word, confessing our sins to you, to the right people in our life groups, in our accountability relationships, getting the help that we need, with wisdom, removing whatever temptation might trap us. And God, believing in faith that today is the beginning of healing, that you would start to heal these sexual wounds, God. That we could live for you, in purity, with honor, and intimacy, and strength to fight the battles you called us to fight. Help us heal together God, by the power of your risen son, Jesus.